Valtherm Wadding

Valtherm Wadding is multilayer padding that has been trusted by leading clothing brands for more than 50 years. All products in the range are not only thermally insulating but also free of allergenic substances. To best suit your specific performance needs, 4 different product ranges have been produced. Valtherm products not only have clo and rct values better than than the competition, but have also far exceeded them in washing tests. Read more about the product ranges below.

The Valtherm Range:


White Bear
Garments made with this wadding are soft, warm and practical. It is the technology in this line of products that has made Valtherm a leading producer of wadding for clothing.

Garments made with this wadding are highly durable and elastic. Products in this line are made from recycled materials, making it the most environmentally friendly choice in our range.

Heathy Technology
Garments made with this high-tech wadding are lightweight and soft to the touch. The ultra-fine fibres in this line offer fantastic thermal insulation and breathability.

Garments made with this wadding are soft and featherweight. The micro fibres used make this line make it perfect for use in high end and exclusive clothing.